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About Me


Thank you for visiting my page! I am a passionate child and family photographer based in the western suburbs of Chicago.


Why "Novella Photography"? Well, two reasons; 1) it's my last name and 2) I love its meaning. "Novella" means novel in Spanish. And while I married into the name Novella, I have always been a story teller. I believe the connections we have...whether it be to the earth, our weekend passions, and most importantly; to each other; all tell an amazing story just waiting to be told. While mom and dad are just worried about everyone smiling and looking at the camera during sessions; I am capturing the moments between pictures. The ones where true connections are being shown. I provide settings that create organic interactions with your loved ones.


All our lives have "Novella" in them. Let me capture yours.

email : knovellaphotography@gmail.com

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located in warrenville, il