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A camera is the only tool we have to freeze time. I can’t tell you how many times I look back at the pictures I have taken of my kids and an old memory, that I had long forgotten, is sparked again. The way their little curls looked when they first got out of the bath...that mistrigius look in my older daughter’s eye when I caught her hiding her 14 month old sister under a large black cloth storage bin. And then the follow up picture of them both laughing hysterically when they realized they had been caught. Or best yet...those pictures of my husband with our daughters, reading a book in a quiet corner of the room...none of them looking up to see that I was snapping pictures of them. The connection of the three of them...captured. These connections; these moments; these emotions; are what I long to capture.


I remember being back in middle school annoying my friends because I was always snapping pictures of them. It may have been with a disposable film camera at the time; but I always carried one with me. Now 25 years later, I have those same friends asking to see those pictures (I knew they would thank me someday =) ). And while those pictures were just snapshots; they represented so much of who we were at that moment in time; the connections we had built. As I grew, so did my love for photography. I would take tons of pictures of flowers...of buildings...of overall landscapes. I shared this love of photography with my dad. From the time I graduated college; up until I had my own kids, my dad and I would be out almost every weekend taking pictures and discovering new places. On family vacations; my dad and I would get up with the sun so we could get the perfect lighting for our pictures of flowers or capture the sandpipers playing “Chicken” with the ocean to grab their breakfast among the sand. Photography has given me such a gift. It has given me a love of has given me such valuable time with my dad; and it’s given me the chance to be a storyteller. I learned my camera and photography basics thru classes but mostly trial and error. I got out almost every weekend and played; made mistakes; and fell in love with my camera and what I could create.


I started having friends; co-workers, clients ask me to take pictures of their family because they had seen some of the pictures I had taken of my older daughter as well as some of the landscapes and macro flower shots I had taken. I was working in the hotel business and loving it; I hadn’t thought about doing photography professionally. I had my second daughter and left the hotel industry to spend more time at home. During that time...I realized my love for photography was much more than a hobby. It was my passion.


And so here I am! I’ve now told you MY story… What’s YOUR story? I can’t wait to help you tell it and freeze your moment in time.

things I love

Chicago. My kind of town. I may be a bit biased as I have grown up in the suburbs of Chicago; but how incredibly lucky am I to have this amazing city right in my backyard? I love the food; the culture; it’s energy. I love photographing in the city; so if you want to head down there for your session; I am all for it!


I LOVE waking up early and exploring normally very busy tourists areas with no one else there but me. The still before the storm is so calming and beautiful. I could be in the middle of a bustling city or in the middle of the country and will find the beauty in a new day. And, I’ve been known to snap a picture or two during these times =)


My family is my everything. They are the roots to who I am and give me my strength. My husband has been so incredibly supportive and he (along with my parents and friends), gave me the confidence to do this. Let’s face it; having pictures taken is a very personal thing. No matter how well I light, pose, or capture someone, there will always be someone who is still critical of how they look. You’ve gotta have some thick skin as a photographer to not take that personally, as people have their own personal image struggles. Over time; I have come to understand this and why; despite starting with landscapes and macro photography, I was able to migrate to photographing people and the connections between them.


We implemented “No Screen Sundays” in our house at the beginning of 2019 and it has been life changing for us. No phones, no computers and no tvs have allowed us to disconnect from the outside world, and reconnect with each other. If there is downtime; it’s so easy to pass the time by throwing on a movie. This makes us think outside the box and maybe try or do things we wouldn’t normally think of doing. It truly feels like we are on vacation each Sunday and our daughters look FORWARD to this day each week. Life gets hectic. I love slowing it down.


I love that I can be in a swimsuit for a few months of the year and a snowsuit for others. I love spring flowers and watching our landscape re-imerge (it’s like a new beginning), but also love the color and crisp air of the Fall.

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